About Us!
About Us!

About us

Wellrid Pest Mannagement formerly known as AllOut Pest Control India Pvt. Ltd. founded in 2013. In this short period, we have achieved the highest position in Pest Control field. The main reason for this is our professional experience, service, and priority given to the safety of our customers. We take great care of the safety of our customers. Hence, our company’s slogan is “Stay safe with us”. We never compromise on safety. Therefore, the Wellrid is the most trusted company in India. We use approved and safe insecticides while serving so that our customers with zero risks. The quality services, reliable guarantees, and advanced technologies have been combined for the benefit of our customers. When it comes to pest control, it’s our job to protect your environment, family, health, properties, pets, and peace of mind. You can completely depend on us for that.

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The pest management profession faces a constant stream of challenges. To meet these challenges, our profession must forge ahead with technology, training, regulatory changes and customer safety and service.


To provide the safest and highest quality service and to increase the quality of life for our customers, employees, and communities through a professional, responsible, and ethical manner.


Best Service90%
Best Quality93%
Best Products98%
We are always ready to offer your prompt service. We make it easy and hassle-free by providing the best customer service experience in the pest protection industry.


Public Health
Public Health
Wellrid is to help protect public health by helping to prevent and control pests as well as educating consumers on the potential health risks posed by these pests.
Environmental Responsibility
Environmental Responsibility
At Wellrid, we believe that it is our responsibility to care for the earth’s environment while still helping to control pests in our customers’ homes and businesses.
Our Education
Our Education
We help students learn about pests and pest management by providing educators with learning resources they can use in their school science curriculum.

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