Safety is very important for your Family.
We always keep your family Safe.
We know the importance of your Sleep.
We keep you secure from the Bed Bugs.
Your kitchen is free from Cockroaches.
Now, you can enjoy your cooking without Fear.



For the last six years, we are doing pest control work seriously. Through this, we have proved to satisfy our thousands of customers. We use the latest science and technology by testing new products in our services. So that we can keep your home safe with our useful effective plans.

Pests can cause serious risks to your health and property. Throughout the year there are various diseases caused by Mosquitos, Bedbugs, Rats, Flies and Other Insects. They enter into our house and suffer you. So it is important to keep them away from us. Keeping them away from your home is not a one-time program. This is a process that needs to be done for a year. Our pest control technicians work to deliver this solution. We protect every house and family from insects.


Wellrid provides residential pest control service. Wellrid Pest Control is a reliable service provider Company in India.

Which you can trust and deal with any pest problem in your area. We recommend our domestic pest control service which is most effective and the highest level of safety for your family, properties, & pets.

Safety Safety

We give top priority to safety. Pest control is important to protect the health of each of our customers as well as our staff.

Trust Trust

The Customers give us a work by a trust. When we try our best to prove its faith. We have built the trust of thousands of customers today, because of this method of our work.

Expertise Expertise

In this field, we have a lot of experience. Every person working with us is well trained and knowledgeable. Therefore, we can give customers a great experience from our work.

Guarantee Guarantee

We use high quality, Safe, and recognized products for the pest control service. There is no compromise in it. So a good result comes with a 100% guarantee to the customers.

Pest Solution

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