A patient comes to the hospital to be early cured. For that, the atmosphere and cleanliness of that hospital’s room are equally important. Patient health depends on a clean, pest-free environment. There is also a reputation for your hospitals. Wellrid providing Safety with protocols designed for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and supportive life care facilities.


Wellrid are experts in all types of healthcare environments. Our range of experience includes hospitals, Medical Colleges, Clinics, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We’ll quickly identify and treat your pest problems. We work fast and deliver customized, comprehensive pest control to treat every area of your facility, including operating and patient rooms, kitchens, dining halls and more.

Wellrid commercial pest expert will take a scientific approach based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which depends on active technology as the ultimate solution to prevent insects and use of chemicals. A special with five important steps – Prevention, Inspections, Recommendation, Treatment, Monitoring.

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